Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Asking to know the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria? You are in the right place, in this article am going to talk about the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria and their net worth.

Days have passed, weeks and months have passed too and these “Celebrities” have made a lot of money and living a soft life in Nigeria.

Who is a Yahoo boy?

A Yahoo Boy is also known as a  Gee Boy, Hustler, Yahoo Yahoo, 419,Gee, and the rest is a name used to address any one (Male and Female) who engage themselves in fraudulent activities.

The name “Yahoo Boy” is used to address  an individual who engage in any fraudulent activities, claiming to be who they are not, such as using fake Yahoo emails accounts to scam people of their hard earn money.

The internet enables you to make money from the comfort of your home, almost every everyone knows this but not all know
how to make money online

These guys whose names  are mentioned below make money by using illegal format to dupe people, most especially the white men, entrepreneurs and investors of their fund, enabling them to make a huge amount of money overnight and become very rich.

Many of them engage themselves in illegal activities and fraudulent business online. Most of these Yahoo Boys get rich quick, and lavish their newly acquired money, spend for their girl friends, buy expensive cars and houses since they are rich without investment. See list below;

The Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

1. Ray HushPuppi

Ray HushPuppi

Undoubtedly, HushPuppi is the most popular and the  richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria  HushPuppi has been said to be the most famous and the richest Yahoo Boy in 2019.

Hushpuppi don't longer hide his riches due to his high
popularity in Nigeria, especially on the internet. He usually showcases it all on Instagram for everyone to to know.

When HushPuppi was asked how he feel about people addressing him as a scammer (Yahoo Boy), he said " I don't care if the whole world think am a yahoo boy it is a blood in people, they became very jealous of you once they sees you progressing. Yes am wealthy and many think I make money through Yahoo Yahoo "Scamming" but am better than most of the Nigerian politicians, I bless people with my wealth we all know this include you, the evidence is there".

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This richest yahoo boy wants to be addressed as the king of Fendi, Gucci of Nigeria and he is proud of it. He do share photos of him shopping for very popular brands like Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Louis, Balenciaga, Vuitton, and other brands online and he never enters the same car with his belongings.

Hushpuppi never enters same car with his belongings, he has a separate car that carries his luggage's, undoubtedly
Hushpuppi is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria.

Ray HushPuppi Biography

Igbalode Raymond popularly known by his nick name as Ray HushPuppi hail from the western part of Nigeria, Okeloyo Local Government Area of Ondo State to be precise. Undoubtedly he is the most richest known yahoo boy in Nigeria 2019.

Hushpuppi Net worth and Assets

Hushpuppi is from a very poor family background and according to him, he was once a beggar in the streets of Lagos State Nigeria but presently has more than six international passports.

Ray Hushpuppi became
rich after he travelled out of Nigeria  to Malaysia for some years.

Ray HushPupi is said to be the most famous Yahoo boy on Instagram. He has about  2.8 million followers on his  Instagram page (@hushpuppi).

HushPuppi has also rented a very big house in Dubai, with an annual rent costs of 60 Million Naira.

Ray HushPuppi is one of the most popular yahoo boy with an estimated net worth
of $4,300,000(N2,252,000,000).


The owner of Mompha Bureau De Change company in Lagos is owned by another popular Nigerian yahoo boy "Monpha".

Monpha Bureau De Change is a well known Business company in Lagos state Nigeria, but Monpha's starting capital for the business is still unknown.

Monpha has been posting tons of pictures of himself holding a lot of cash in his Instagram page which has about 1.2 million followers.
Undoubtedly Monpha is one of the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria 2019.

Mompha Biography

Mustapha Ismail popularly known as Mompha Money is said to be the sexond richest yahoo boy in Nigerian, Mustapha who owns Mompha Bureau De Change, Located at Alabankole street,
in Lagos Banana Villa also claimed to be a philanthropist. He is married and he is blessed with to children (one girl one boy).

Mompha Assets and Networth

The most popular investments owned by Monpha who is saos yo be the second richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria is the Mompha Bureau De Change located in Lagos State, He also has a fleet 72 cars, yachts, planes and houses.

Presently, Mompha’s assets and investments are estimated to be worth of more than  $5,000,000.

3.Baddy Oosha
Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is a Malaysian based Nigerian. Baddy is known known for massive spending without any company or investment.

Baddy Oosha is another popular rich yahoo boy who redefines Lavida Local.
Baddy has acted a movie with Nollywood actor Toyin Aimakhu and he has been saluted severally by Nigeria music artists too, Olamide, Davido,Lil Kesh, Phyno Phyno, D Banj and 9ice.

Baddy Oosha Assets and Networth

Presently, Baddy Oosha’s assets and investments are estimated to be worth over $2,600,000.

4. King Jide
King Jide

King Jide is another big  Yahoo Boy in Nigeria 2019.
He is a South African base Nigerian, Jide is popularly known by his nick name as the Major of Capetown. 

Jide is a gentle handsome guy but his source of wealth is still unknown.

From the way Jide lives his life and showcases his wealth on Instagram, it is obvious that this popular Yahoo Boy has no company nor investment.

King Jide status was first known when he spent over 3 Million  Naira on a bottle of 30 Ace of carton and 1 Dom Pergamon at Decova Lounge in Lagos.

King Jide Assets and Networth

King Jide’s assets and properties in total are currently worth about $2,100,000 (N576,000,000).

Naira Marley

Yes, Naira Marley's statue as a Yahoo Boy is not hidden anymore, his statues as a yahoo boy was revealed when he was arrested by the  EFCC.

According to EFCC Naira Marley's wealth cannot be generated from his music job as a recording artist and it was revealed by EFFC that Nairamarley is a pure Yahoo

NairaMarley Biography

Azeez Fashola popularly known by his stage name as Naira Marley claims he was inspired by Bob Marley, The Yahoo boy grew up in Agege local government area of Lagos State in Nigeria and he was at the age of 11 before he relocated to Peckham, England.

NairaMarley Assets and Networth

NairaMarley owns a fleet of different cars, mansion, planes, and endorsements. Recently, Nairamarley’s assets and investments in total are estimated to be worth $895,000(N296,600,00).

Zlatan Ibile

Zlatan is a prominent Yahoo Boy in Nigeria that has made a large sum of money online through Yahoo Yahoo and his not afraid to show it off.

Zlatan doesn't have any endorsement and have hasn't released an album yet but he was able to purchase a mansion worth/N160,000,000 in Lagos Nigeria include two cars both worth N79,000,000, Zlatan has also purchased 3 cars for his girlfriend and two Benz for his new manager.

The above properties listed above are too much for a fast-rising recording artiste like Zlatan to purchase. Undoubtedly, Zlatan is a Yahoo boy.