Getting a highest paying job is almost a universal dream, but when it comes to opportunities, hard work and fulfillment, Nigerians have a huge capability, and because of this there are a significant number of highest paying jobs in Nigeria. While lots of people have dreamt of highest paying jobs in school or college, some might be thinking of running a business and becoming an entrepreneur. However, there are both pros and cons associated with both the domains. This article, however, deals with top 5 highest paying jobs in Nigeria that require creative reasoning, formal education and expertise in communication and handling. If you possess these qualities, you might become one of the top paid professionals in Nigeria. So, let’s get started:

        Airmanship or Aircraft Pilot

  • Aviation is no doubt, one of the top paying jobs in the country. Along with money, it will make you prestigious, since it is the job many nigerians look after. Airmanship requires a lot of practice though, but is certainly worth the effort when it comes to increasing the lifestyle.

Average salary
A Nigerian Pilot earns around 400000# to 1500000# based on experience. The salary could start with 250000# and could go upto N1.5 Million. A commercial pilot license would earn you around N250000-N500000, a first officer license would earn you around 400000#-800000#, while a professional captain licence (the authority of the aircraft) would earn you from 800000#-1.5 Million.

How to Start?

To become a pilot, you must be at least 16-18 years of age. You need to get into an FAA  approved pilot school, where you will be promoted to get a medical  certificate. There are two different kinds of lessons taught, one in the classroom and the other in the plane. The duration of the course is a year or two. From the school, you will be awarded the corresponding certificate based on your performance, which will make you a pilot. You will need at least 40 hours of FAA standardized flight training and around 1500-4000 hours of standard training in order to apply for a pilot job.

2. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is the highest paying Engineering job in the country, as the engineers are often hired by the Nigeria’s multimillion oil companies. However, this job demands a lot of skills along with work handling capabilities from you. The basic entry level payout is high, and it tends to increase as the experience level increases.

Average Salary

The average per annum payout is around 500000#-1000000#. The highest payout goes upto 1500000# or even more depending upon the experience level.

How to start?

As a student, you need to take subjects such as Mathematics and Science. The Entry level jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Most of the colleges and Universities offer programs that include classes, laboratory work, and field studies that will enable you to get a bachelor's degree. Some colleges also offer a 5 year programme for students in chemical and mechanical engineering that will enable you to get both bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree to get placed in one of the petroleum  corporations.

3. Sailing and Ship Management

It is another difficult but one of the highest earning jobs in Nigeria. The main reason why sailing earns you a heavy amount of fortune is that sailors are only trained in some professional universities across the whole country, whose number is very low. So there is always a shortage of sailors in Nigeria. Also, it requires a great amount of practice and expertise in controlling the ship or boat completely.

Average Income

The average salary of a sailor or Marine Oiler is 1,35,00,000#. The income increases with increase in seniority.

How to start?

Basic knowledge about boats and ships, knotting, surviving the situations is required. There is no such educational qualification required, however some Institutes such as Maritime Academy of Nigeria offers training to students to learn about seafaring, handling oil shipments etc.. The national corporations and Nigerian Shipping Industry hire sailors from such institutions.

4. Chemical Engineering

Just like Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering is also the best paying jobs in the country. In this field also, the multi million companies hire chemical engineers, so one can expect a high salary at the starting in this field. The engineers are also hired on global firms and they get opportunity to work in another country at high income. The chemical engineers develop drugs, food and other types of products.

Average Salary

The average salary in this domain is about 600000#-1000000#. However, some experts get their annual package of upto 1300000#.

How to Start?

The formal education requirement is a Bachelor’s degree. The time duration for becoming a chemical engineer is 4 years.The time period for a Master degree( available in some prominent universities and colleges) is 5 years. Along with degree, various skills are required by a chemical engineer such as problem solving skills, math skills, communication skills,interpersonal skills etc.  

5. Marketing

The unique thing about marketing that separates it from other fields is that it assures your employment in any business related field.
In Nigeria, digital marketing started to become visible in 2012. Marketing professionals in various companies get quick extra benefits such as bonus, promotions etc.

Average Salary

The average salary is about 400000#-600000#. Some starters get salaries of about 250000#. However, the salary increment is fast as compared to other jobs.

How to Start?

Complete an undergraduate degree programme from some college or learn it by your own. But you will get additional benefits in job interview when you complete a course from some college. Have a good knowledge about SEO, email marketing, strategies to promote and acquire customers. If you are good on your own, most of the time companies will hire you.

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